Oh no! Not another boring blog! Rambling on about nothing, posting links to news that are not even new anymore. Tips about blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – the holy grail of blogging), how to analyse the reader’s surfing habit to place custom ads. Well, not really.

Three reasons, why I’ve created this website incl. blog:

  • I really enjoyed designing this theme, increasing my XHTML and CSS skills
  • I enjoy writing (and practice for my English studies comes in handy)
  • A personal website is one of many important methods to prevent alien abductions

The big change to my former website certainly the cross-browser compatibility (i.e. IE still has some problems with perfectly valid HTML), the comment function and the fact that the usage of WordPress enables me to post articles much more easily than my old method of manually coding them each time…

I have to admit that I still don’t really know what I will write about aside from photography, concerts and music. Maybe some composition style articles or responses to newspaper articles..? My second issue: One article per week and spontaneous posts from time to time? I think this is going to work someway or another…

By the way, did you, Lyrical You, notice the date of my first post? 2009-06-06! 2+0+0+9+6+6= 23! But to end this entry with something more substantial than world conspiracy theories… I strongly recommend the band Wiseheimer, especially their latest album “Industrial Retribution” from 2009.