Due to the impending end-of-term exams and one and a half seminar papers, I haven’t had to much time and/or enthusiasm to write longer articles. Not that there was nothing to write about, but since I don’t have a huge audience to disappoint I thought that I don’t have to force myself to write something.
As the headline suggests, I’m planning an interrail tour across parts of Eastern Europe with two friends of mine. The designated route starts in Linz, across Austria, to Bratislava, Budapest and Cluj. Hiking in the Southern Carpathians around Talmaciu. Then we’re heading towards the Adriatic Sea via Szeged and Zagreb. From Rijeka to Ljubljana and across the country to Balatongyörök (at Lake Balaton) and then home again.

Interrail Route

We’re starting around the 7th of August and (hopefully) return with a broadened horizon 22 days later. And since I am a forward-thinking person and like to escape the university ‘homework’ (the latter being the decisive factor), I used a lot of time to prepare myself by collecting the sentence ‘I am vegetarian. I do not eat meat, poultry, fish and other products of dead animals.’ in different languages. I basically rely on online translators, so I hope I will get vegetarian food and not only laughter when I will be stammering the sentences in Hungarian or Croatian.

(click image to download the PDF)

The downside of the tour is that I have to write a seminar paper (‘Pay and Economic Situation of the Roman Legionaries’) in basically one week, which is manageable but, as one can imagine, not exactly much fun. After the exams, seminar papers (the half one in English) and university stress, I will be really looking forward to the trip!

Yet, I have three problems:

  • which insurance to choose for my DSRL in case I drop it in the middle of nowhere or a friendly person borrows it from me and won’t return it
  • whether the Powermonkey is the right choice over the Powermonkey Explorer (freiluft-blog.de got me thinking and I doubt that the solar panel is necessary at all)
  • what music to put on my iPod (I’ve read that the train rides are really boring after some days)

Yep, those are the three devastating issues I have to face. Any tips?

I almost forgot about the rounded corners… Well I changed my theme a bit and now I have rounded corners. I used the method introduced by Devin Olson. What do you, nonexistent reader, think?