The time frame for 2009 retrospectives is definitely over. Not finished by 2009-12-31 / 23:59:59? It is not – I repeat: not! – important anymore… Who would expect something from 2009 to have some relevance in the brand new, super awesome year of 2010? Sick of this intro? Here are my personal top five 2009 records:

After the Fall

After The Fall | Photo by Cailey Passer

First and foremost, I have to mention After The Fall: Fort Orange. Their music has everything one could hope for: fast pace, sophisticated melodies, the right amount of screaming and singing,, references to a Millencolin album and skateboarding, emotional and honest lyrics (English), short energetic songs. I wrote more on After the Fall in the concert review. Favourite songs: “Thomas Philbrick”, “Not Today”, “It’s Her Choice”. Played 298 times.

The first three albums are almost on the same level in this fine little “ranking”. But to get things in order, Kaput Krauts – quo vadis, arschloch? is second… I discovered this band in 2008 at a concert in Munich (2008-01-19/Hansa 93 Feierwerk). Though they are melodic they don’t sound like an average 90s-FatWreck-band imitation. Though they experiment with electro parts they don’t sound like an average post-hardcore-electro band. Though they have German lyrics they don’t sound awkward. Though they have a song about an ending relationship (at least according to my interpretation of  “versuchen, einsehen, einigen”) they don’t sound corny or clumsy. The cynical lyrics and the cheerful melodies somehow manage to become a perfectly matching pair. Favourite song: “versuchen, einsehen, einigen”, “muchtige spechte”, “so einer wie james bond”. Played 279 times.

Dear readers, the following statement may sound melodramatic. The next band gave me hope. Hope for a variety of music. Though it is claimed not to be dead on several patches, shirts and other merch (I considered to post an Amazon affiliate link.), a lot of bands drift off to pop, indie, metalcore, hardcore, mathcore and leave a gap in the “critical lyrics and fast, melodic music” area. I think I got side tracked… Anyway… Wiseheimer: Industrial Retribution: perfect harmony between vocals and backing vocals, rhythm and melodies, bass lines and drums, lyrics (English) and music. They’re not on #1 because… I can’t really find any reasons but since the entire Top-Five concept here is more or less flexible, I don’t consider it a problem… Maybe because I’ve listened to the record for too long without any other bands in between. Maybe because I haven’t seen them live (yet)… Favourite songs: “Kickin’ On”, “Hatred Breeds”, “Old Times”. Played 255 times.

Both Propagandhi’s Supporting Caste (Favourite songs: “Tertium Non Datur”, “Dear Coach’s Corner”, “Without Love” and the epic bonus track. Played 177 times.) and Gallows’ Grey Britain (Favourite songs: “London Is The Reason”, “The Riverbed”, “The Great Forgiver”. Played 170 times.) are great records but the other ones really shaped my standards of excellent music.

Pay a visit to my LastFm profile if you want to know how I got all those numbers and leave a comment if you want to share your Top-Five 2009 records!