Jahninselfest 2005

Jahninselfest 2005

Another concert review? Ok.

The first time I saw the Kafkas live was at the Jahninselfest in Regensburg on June 18, 2005… Approximately 4 years, 8 months, 16 days and 5 hours later, I found myself at LEDERER in Regensburg to see my tenth Kafkas show.

The Kafkas have undergone quite a development since the start of the band in 1995: Since their deput album ‘Hypochonder’ in 1996, their songs changed from pop punk towards increasingly rough and fast hardcore by ‘Sklavenautomat’ in 1999 (my first and favourite Kafkas album). With their 2001 release ‘Privilegienthron’, their sound smoothened and more and more melodies entered the up-tempo songs. The 5-track EP ‘Superrocker’ (2004) bridged to the new releases ‘LD50’ (2008) and presumably ‘Paula’: more experiments, more complex songwriting, electro influences. However, I have to admit that I prefer their punkrock/hardcore and ska songs over their electro material…

For the record – the support band was called ‘Arlene’s Grocery’ from Regensburg, but I only saw half of their show… Anyway. Compared to the dull atmosphere at Mälze’s Underground (I’m talking about the venue, not the bands that play there), LEDERER is amazing: barrel vault cellar, dressed stone walls, decent lighting and affordable drinks.

I was pleasantly surprised at Kafkas’ show, not only because the mixing and overall sound was well-balanced.  The setlist featured a varied and exciting mix between new and old songs, but due to the 1000th stand-in guitar player in their band history, some obligatory Kafkas songs had to be omitted…

The evening ended with an open stage: each and every one in the band played a solo, the stand-in guitarist, whose name I don’t know, performed a satirical acoustic song on Merkel’s politics and her lonesome budgie, and a guy from the audience covered some Ramones and Ärzte songs. I would have liked a longer encore better, but due to some old town regulations drumming wasn’t allowed after midnight.

Kudos to drummer Pedro, whose drum skills are breathtaking, and singer Markus, whose sarcasm is without equal… Moreover, a Kafkas concert just wouldn’t seem right without their Methuselah-aged dog ‘Graf’ and their likable weirdness: see you next time!

Kafkas Kafkas

Kafkas Kafkas

Kafkas played the following songs but I can’t remember the actual order…

From ‘Sklavenautomat’:

  • Lebensrezeptur
  • Meine Augen
  • Heldenmaschine

From Privilegienthron:

  • Dein Herz

From ‘Superrocker’:

  • Halt Mich (Eine Stadt verblutet…)
  • Ja!
  • Vegetarier können nicht tanzen

From ‘LD50’:

  • … wenn es eine Hölle gibt
  • Klatscht in die Hände
  • Irgendwas ging schief

From ‘Paula‘ (April 16, 2010):

  • Ich Will Kein Kumpel Von Euch Sein
  • … Wenn Ich Mal Ein Tattoo Habe
  • Warum Kann Die Welt Keine Scheibe Sein?
  • “Tanz deine Gefühle” (I don’t know the real title)
  • Leben Ist Gut