After I had handed in the last paper for this term (yay!), I grabbed my camera, took my bike and headed off to distant territories! No difficulties and perils could tame my desire to explore the unknown! I crossed rapid streams by using my knowledge about the wilderness! Wet shoes, dirty trouser legs… Nothing could stop me!

I used my Canon 400D with a Sigma 17-70mm, f2.8-4.5 and a Hanimex 72-162mm, f3.5 (M42). The photos are also available on Flickr.

2010-03-18 Bike Chain 2010-03-18 Forest Floor 2010-03-18 Snail Shell 2010-03-18 Snowdrops 2010-03-18 Blurry Leaves 2010-03-18 Oak Leaf 2010-03-18 Beech Leaf 2010-03-18 Path+Sunlight 2010-03-18 Tree / Fields 2010-03-18 Sunlight / Creek