2011-04-26 at Zimmer 4, Regensburg.
One Win Choice, Astpai and Leagues Apart.
Set up by Extreme Life Wasting (blog / facebook).
The concert ended with an amazing Refused cover by One Win Choice (see video below)!
A great evening through and through!
Concerning the ‘technical’ side: 850mb of video footage definitely exceed the 500mb upload limit, but somehow – I really don’t know how – all the material is on vimeo.

Leagues Apart – I Knew You Guys Were Smart When You Bailed Out Of The Car (live)

Leagues Apart – You’re Allergic To Vodka? (live)

Astpai – 360 Per Second + So Somehow (The Conclusion) (live)

One Win Choice – Places (live)

One Win Choice – Under Quarantine + If Hell Existed (live)

One Win Choice – New Noise (Refused Cover – live)