Month: June 2011

On The Terrace

Nothing extraordinary; some flowers and plant lice.

Lens and Roommate

I made a great bargain and now have got a new/old M42 lens: Porst Color Reflex 55mm f1.4 Auto. The lens itself looks like this:  

Bridges Left Burning / ZAKK Passau / 2011-04-23

A couple of weeks ago, I shot two videos at a show at ZAKK Passau. Remember? Nope. Fine. Actually I didn’t plan to take photos of that particular…

Concert Videos: Fridge Raid – Declaration

Two classics: New Direction by Gorilla Biscuits and Kersed by Ceremony. Make sure to check out the photos of the evening at Jugendcaf√© Zwiesel on 2011-06-04. Fridge Raid…

Fridge Raid РDeclaration / Jugendcafé Zwiesel / 2011-06-04

Fridge Raid and Declaration at Jugendcafé Zwiesel on June 04, 2011. Fifty photos.