Earlier this year, 3 June 2011, I met an impressively versatile street musician from Hamburg at a party in Regensburg. His name was Andy and besides pipe didgeridoos, he played an instrument I had never seen or heard before: A hang.

I was intrigued by his way of living which was (and is) so different from mine. With him travelling around Europe for the last couple of years, meeting and talking to hundreds of people, rarely staying in one place for very long, I asked him about his thoughts on substance, superficiality and friendship…

“Most conversations we lead are superficial. Even this conversation about the concepts of depth and superficiality is superficial. Depth is based on time – only when you know someone – the highs and lows, everything in between – only then can you speak of depth. And getting to know someone takes time.”

Something to think about and a photo remained. As I searched for more information on hangs, I found Youtube videos of the guy I talked to the other night. Demystifying?