A month has passed since I came back to Regensburg/Germany – time to close the Swansea chapter.

One reoccurring event at Mozart’s truly lives up to its description as the “openest open mic night”. Whether thought-provoking and/or funny poetry or backdrop for great conversations; the Crunch was always a relaxing and inspiring night!

As critical as I am of the idea of a ‘scene’, the punk and alternative gigs set up by the people of SWFU really made me feel like being home from home.

Once again I found proof that ‘culture’ is not something to consume, but something that we create. My stay in Swansea was limited and unfortunately, I didn’t get the change to get to know everyone as well as I wished. The entire experience of meeting so many friendly, open people in a completely new city has probably had a greater influence on me than I’ve been able to realise at the moment.

All the best to Alastair, ‘his’ Hangmen – Iwan, Rob & Tom – as well as Dawn and the ladies at Pole Pride; the weird-dances-appreciating and generally amazing Shannon and Michael (The Room! Yes!); the bands and people of SWFU; Alex and Alexei, my climbing buddies; Becca and The Goonies; the never boring trio of Evey, Fiona, and George; Andy, Wood and all the the people at Skye and the Crunch; Adam manager and mind behind my favourite place in Swansea, Mozart’s; the crowd of international students, and Alexander, Sybilla, and Vera!