Todeskommando Atomsturm released their debut LP “zeit zum pöbeln” and threw a party at Kafe Marat München on 15 June 2012. Irish Handcuffs, Grizzly Tours, and Strahlentod (sorry no video) joined them. Uninformative description of the evening: Hazelnut muffins and raspberry filled puff pastries on the train ride to Munich, vegan döner (semi-offensive vendor included), great bands, 80s party afterwards, an exhausting train ride home at dawn.

Nevermind the video glitches – something must have gone wrong during the import.

Todeskommando Atomsturm – Endlich Funkloch (live)

Irish Handcuffs – Static (live)

Grizzly Tours – Jesse Pinkman isn’t pressing charges (live)

to have one look mean everything and throw all caution to the sea