Month: August 2012

Face The Threat + The Argies / Danz Regensburg / 2012-08-20

Face The Threat and The Argies played at Danz Regensburg on August 8, 2012!

Alpstein – A Two-Day Hike

A two-day trip with a friend of mine, Dirk Sturmkrähe, to the Alpstein massif in the Appenzell Alps in Switzerland. Friday: Schwägalp (1352m) – Tierwies (2085m) – Säntis (2502m)-…

Concert Videos: Jahninselfest 2012

Jahninselfest 2012 took place in Regensburg on June 8-9, 2012. It took some time but eventually I managed to get all the song names to complete the videos. Enjoy!

Concert Videos: June Paik – Lich – Tempest – Ruins – Kaput Krauts

June Paik, Lich, Tempest, and Ruins played at Jugendhaus Erlangen on July 6, 2012. Kaput Krauts one day later on July 7, 2012. Great bands, delicious food, good times!