A Documentary about Pop Culture in Regensburg

Last October, REGENSBURG pop_kultur FESTIVAL​ took place in this town with (intertextual pop cultural reference:) “two towers and a bridge“. Several friends of mine were involved in the various gigs, exhibitions, and workshops. Irish Handcuffs​, RC Gäng​, and H5 Regensburg​, just to name a few. You might even remember my photos of the tattoo event with Koepfen​ that I helped organise at Kunstverein GRAZ​…

Produced by werda, the documentary offers a differentiated filmic summary of the three days by juxtaposing different statements about the festival in particular and culture in Regensburg in general. The entire event was certainly a welcomed novelty in the cultural landscape of Regensburg and offered a broader platform for many artists. However, as some of the more critical interviewees point out, the festival showed the dire lack of affordable venues and art spaces. Symptomatically, most concerts took place in crowded bars. This raises questions about the significance of independent and even inconvenient art for a city and a society as a whole. For instance, the photo documentary about ten years of street art in Regensburg was admired in an exhibition – and rightly so. However, the public celebration of alternative art forms seems to be confined to the boundaries of an advertisable festival: Next day’s reality would not show any change in mentality.

By the way, I make some appearances myself – either in the background, in a mask, or in vague references about greenhorns in DIY concert organisation. But see for yourselves.