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2012 in Records.

Music is what stays.

More Than Art.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the artist of this masterpiece. Seen in Peguera / Mallorca.

London? – Yes, London.

I’ve read the posts about my Interrail trip of 2009 again and I really enjoyed remembering all those little details and anecdotes. That’s why I decided to invest…

Songs and Records of 2011.

Music is what stays.

On Depth and Superficiality.

Earlier this year, 3 June 2011, I met an impressively versatile street musician from Hamburg at a party in Regensburg. His name was Andy and besides pipe didgeridoos,…

The One Hundredth

Certain dates always tempt us to fall back on the notion of starting a “new chapter” in life. But even if we assume to be the authors and…

Hot Water. Music.

Accommodation We (three fellow students from Regensburg) changed our bed & breakfast from The Times Hotel to South View Hotel. Only 20m down the road, but worlds apart….


I’m sitting on the stairs in the Times Hotel in Swansea. It’s the only place where the “free wi-fi” is effectively accessible. The fact that I’ve left home and…

Listless ‘By-The-Way’s In A List

By the way, all my term papers are written, printed, and handed in. By the way, my skateboarding is impressively bad. By the way, After the Fall‘s ‘Fort…