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Sweet Empire + Social Distrust / Büro Regensburg / 2013-05-10

Sweet Empire and Social Distrust played at Büro Regensburg on Mai 10th, 2013! Videos will follow!

Harris Trynsky + Turn Away + What We Feel / Jugendcafé Zwiesel / 2013-05-01

Harris Trynsky and Turn Away supported What We Feel on their “Together Against Fascism – Solidarity Reunion Tour” at Jugendcafé Zwiesel on Mai 1st, 2013!

Landverraad + Tyrannicide + Rather Raccoon / LEDERER Regensburg / 2013-04-26

Landverraad, Tyrannicide, Rather Raccoon, and Thest Möggels Üst (I didn’t get to take pictures of their set) played at LEDERER Regensburg on April 26, 2013.

Amen81 + Is Dodelijk / LEDERER Regensburg / 2013-01-25

On January 25, 2013, Amen81, Is Dodelijk and Harris Trynsky played at Lederer Regensburg to support the cause of the initiative NE RASISMU from Prague. J & F…

PJ Bond + Riot Pat / Plan9 Regensburg / 2013-04-24

PJ Bond together with his friend Marko Casso, and Riot Pat played at Plan9 Regensburg on April 24, 2013. PJ and I have crossed paths several times before,…

Quando Quando + Todeskommando Atomsturm + Bridges Left Burning / ZAKK Passau / 2013-03-29

Z.A.K.K. has to close its gates. For 13 years it has been a space for alternative culture and politics and has provided room for refugees, antifa and animal…

Fights & Fires + Western Grace + Goodbye Fairground + Still Bleak / Lederer Regensburg / 2013-03-23

Fights & Fires hit Regensburg again! This time with Goodbye Fairground, Still Bleak and Western Grace at Lederer Regensburg on March 23rd, 2013! Thanks to everyone involved –…

Take This Town + Capt’n Crook + Børedøm / Danz Regensburg / 2012-12-07

Take This Town, Capt’n Crook, and Børedøm played at Danz Regensburg on December 7th, 2012!

…Is Dodelijk + Derbe Lebowski / Danz Regensburg / 2013-03-18

…Is Dodelijk and Derbe Lebowski (accompanied by Frank the Tank) played at Danz Regensburg on March 18th, 2013! Fun fact: Damon (singer of Derbe Lebowski) and I were…