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Salsa Shark + Modern Saints / Büro Regensburg / 2014-02-07

Salsa Shark, and Modern Saints played at Büro Regensburg on February 7th, 2014! A gig full with Wizard Cat‘s magic, an unfortunate doorbell incident, and a day-after burger…

Fjørt + Ashes of Pompeii + Glorious Thieves / Büro Regensburg / 2013-12-22

Fjørt, Ashes of Pompeii, and Glorious Thieves played the 10 Year Anniversary gig of Extreme Life Wasting at Büro Regensburg on December 22, 2013!

H.D.Q. + Rivers & Tides + Sandlotkids / Alte Mälzerei / 2013-11-22

Rivers & Tides, and Sandlotkids had their respective stage debut together with H.D.Q. at Alte Mälzerei Regensburg on November 22, 2013!

Worriers + Hell&Back / Büro Regensburg / 2013-11-15

Worriers and Hell&Back played at Büro Regensburg on November 15, 2013! Good times!

Aslov Kinski + Robert Paulson + Take This Town + John Locke Can Walk / Alte Mälzerei Regensburg / 2013-08-28

John Locke Can Walk, Aslov Kinski, Take This Town, and Robert Paulson shared the stage of Alte Mälze Regensburg on August 28, 2013! Post-show & day-after hangouts featured…

Concert Videos: Social Distrust + Sweet Empire

Social Distrust, and Sweet Empire at Büro Regensburg on May 5, 2013

Concert Videos: Irish Handcuffs + Teenage Bottlerocket

Irish Handcuffs, and Teenage Bottlerocket at Alte Mälzerei Regensburg on August 22, 2013.

Concert Videos: barren + Bridges Left Burning

Barren, and Bridges Left Burning at Lederer Regensburg on August 9, 2013.

Bridges Left Burning + Barren / Lederer Regensburg / 2013-08-09

The first stop of Bridges Left Burning‘s album (“Bystanders”) release tour was Regensburg. Together with barren they played at Lederer Regensburg on August 9th, 2013! What a great…