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InterRail 2013: Zurich and back home

Photos of April 20 – 22, 2013. Luxembourg to Zürich (via Strasbourg, Basel) to Regensburg (via Sankt Gallen, Munich) or “Gemma ins Hive!”

InterRail 2013: Luxembourg

Photos of April 19, 2013. Amsterdam to Luxembourg (via Maastricht, Liège-Guillemins) or “We were really tired and I forgot all quotes from Luxembourg.”

InterRail 2013: Amsterdam

Photos of April 15 – 18, 2013. Gent to Amsterdam (via Antwerpen, Roosendaal, Rotterdam) or “Cornflakes Tiger!”

InterRail 2013: Bruge and Gent

Photos of April 13 – 14, 2013. Paris to Bruge (via Bruxelles) to Gent or “Vw dienstregelingen in realtime”.

InterRail 2013: Paris

Photos of April 09 – 13, 2013. Lyon to Paris or “Is no problen man!”

InterRail 2013: Lyon

Photos of April 06 – 09, 2013. Milano to Lyon (via Geneve) or “Schmackhaft würzig-feurige Abenteuer-Nudelpfanne à la Lyonnaise im Plastiktopf für Zwei!”

Concert Videos: One Thousand Attendents + Diego Pallavas + Justin(e)

One Thousand Attendents (The Attendents + One Thousand Directions), Diego Pallavas, and Justin(e) played at La Boué in Villejuif/Paris on April 12, 2013!

InterRail 2013: Milano

Photos of April 04 – 05, 2013. Firenze to Milano or “Hmm, I like your voice!”

InterRail 2013: Firenze

Photos of April 01 – 04, 2013. Passau to Firenze (via Linz, Innsbruck, and Bologna) or “What’s up with you guys and Oreos?!”