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Lilith + Dearest + Lorraine / Büro Regensburg / 2015-05-22

Lilith, Dearest, and Lorraine played Büro Regensburg on May 22, 2015! Good times!

Captain Planet + Rivers & Tides / Alte Mälzerei Regensburg / 2015-05-13

The first Moloch Kollektiv show at Alte Mälzerei Regensburg: Captain Planet and Rivers&Tides on May 13th, 2015! What a great Wednesday evening!

Au revoir, LEDERER! Left in Ruins + sømerset + Malatesta / Lederer Regensburg / 2015-04-25

So it had come to this. After an exhausting year of having been stalled by the landlord, the notice to vacate came around the end of last year:…

Crowns&Thieves + Carne + Short Story Sports / Lederer Regensburg / 2015-04-03

“Good Friday”, the most silent of all holidays in Bavaria, read the calendar when Crowns&Thieves, Carne, and Short Story Sports played at LEDERER Regensburg. April 3rd, 2015, to be…

Swain + Direct Effect / Lederer Regensburg / 2015-03-14

We didn’t realise until after the gig that it had been Moloch Kollektiv‘s first anniversary (give or take a few days)! Swain (formerly known as This Routine Is…

Eric Ayotte + The Gadabout Film Festival / Couch Regensburg / 2015-03-01

Eric Ayotte and Charlie Jones stopped by at Couch Regensburg on March 1st, 2015, and proved that DIY ethics are not limited to touring musicians but also work…

Ruins + Sleep Routine + ATTA / Lederer Regensburg / 2015-02-28

ATTA, Sleep Routine, and Ruins played Moloch Kollektiv‘s second gig this year at Lederer Regensburg on February 28, 2015. What a brilliant night!

Oak + On The Edge Of Forever + I Saw Daylight / Büro Regensburg / 2015-01-03

Moloch Kollektiv started the year off with Oak, On The Edge Of Forever, and I Saw Daylight at Büro Regensburg on January 3rd, 2015! Good times!

Altstadtfrust Fest no.1 – Barren + Failed Suicide Plan + Zerre + Kapytaen / Lederer Regensburg / 2014-12-06

Moloch Kollektiv invited Barren, Failed Suicide Plan, Zerre, and Kapytaen to celebrate the first Altstadtfrust Fest at L.E.D.E.R.E.R. Regensburg on December 6th, 2014. Vebu Regensburg sold delicious vegan…