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Muncie Girls + Blankets + Houseparty / Regensburg

Bands: Houseparty + Blankets + Muncie Girls Location: Alte Mälzerei Regensburg Date: 21 October 2018

Muncie Girls / Regensburg

Band: Muncie Girls Location: Regensburg Date: 14 August 2016 What a beautiful time spent with friends and lovely people; filled with delicious food, music, laughter and great conversations….

Great Cynics + Muncie Girls + Felias / Lederer Regensburg / 2014-07-11

Great Cynics, Muncie Girls, and Felias played at Lederer Regensburg on July 11th, 2014! Your favourite DIY promoters in town, Wizard Cat and Moloch Kollektiv, joined forces to…