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Landverraad + Tyrannicide + Rather Raccoon / LEDERER Regensburg / 2013-04-26

Landverraad, Tyrannicide, Rather Raccoon, and Thest Möggels Üst (I didn’t get to take pictures of their set) played at LEDERER Regensburg on April 26, 2013.

The Holy Kings + Rather Raccoon / Büro Regensburg / 2012-09-30

Remember the new 7″ ‘Can You Hear Me’ by The Holy Kings? Well, I made a video and took some photos for the album artwork in July… The…

Danz Fest 2012 / Danz Regensburg / 2012-07-27_28

“Danz” is a self-organized house project in Regensburg.  The community of tenants have recently managed to buy the building together with an organisation called ‘Syndikat‘ to preserve affordable…