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Jahninselfest 2014

Look mum, I made it! The first time I went to Jahninselfest in 2005, I probably didn’t think that eight years later I’d be on the crew of…

Concert Videos: Wassermanns Fiebertraum + The Bear’s Lair

Videos of Wassermanns Fiebertraum, and The Bear’s Lair.

Concert Videos: Deadverse + Irish Handcuffs + Face The Threat + Wassermanns Fiebertraum + Harris Trynsky

Deadverse and Irish Handcuffs at Zakk Passau on November 9, 2012. Face the Threat at Büro Regensburg on November 16, 2012. Wassermanns Fiebertraum at Danz Regensburg on November 23, 2012….